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Spa : Chenot Bio-Light Menu

Light and delicious food, prepared using healthy techniques and innovative cooking methods to preserve the nutritional properties of the ingredients.


Bio-light Cooking
What Is Bio-light Cooking?

Bio-light cooking is all about the selection, preparation and processing of a wide variety of foods in order to produce healthy, nutritious, well-balanced and tasty meals. Bio-light cooking is a nutritional lifestyle that promotes daily awareness of healthier food, develops healthier nutritional habits, and may also serve as a trigger to lose weight and keep it off permanently. It consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks.

In the Bio-light Diet, the general scheme is the “dissociated diet” in which carbohydrates in the form of non-refined cereals are included at breakfast and lunch, while animal proteins are eaten for dinner. Dinner is always consisting of warm food in order to help the digestive organs. At the end of each meal, a warm herbal infusion (tea) is recommended.


  • Fruit is included at breakfast, before the meals and is also a good option for the snack in between meals: we suggest to avoid fruits after meals in order to avoid fermentation processes
  • Vegetables are eaten twice a day (lunch and dinner), preferring raw vegetables and salad at lunch, and cooked vegetables at dinner
  • Carbohydrates are in the form of non-refined cereals and are included at breakfast and lunch
  • Animal proteins are eaten for dinner
  • Dairy products and eggs are given optional to client needs, but are not recommended
  • The meals are low glycaemic index forming (form a relatively slow rate of increase in the blood glucose levels and a moderate increase in the blood glucose response)
  • The meals are alkaline forming without excluding certain families of foods
  • The meals are prepared in a low temperature to reduce formation of by-products that can be carcinogens and also cause inflammation and damage to the body
  • All animal proteins are marinated to further protect the food from the cooking temperature and acidity forming

For further information please contact the spa reception.


Selection Of Ingredients

  • wide variety of foods of all food groups
  • wholesome and unprocessed
  • preferably organic farming
  • vegetables and fruits
  • complex carbohydrates
  • fish, poultry, red meat and dairy products
  • reduced amount of saturated fats
  • reduced amount of iodized salt/sodium


Preparing And Processing

  • low glycemic index forming meal
  • alkaline forming; start meal with fruit (alkaline), salad (alkaline) and move to more acidic (protein)
  • reduce formation of glycotoxins in meats with the use of lower temperature of preferably moist cooking after marination with acidic ingredients such as lemon juice and vinegar. Use lean meats
  • use lean meats separate to simple sugars and avoid caramelization of proteins. Same cooking procedure as above



  • colour, taste, temperature and smell is of paramount importance to reach the client
  • presentation of food in parallel to Merano
  • excellent delivery service

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