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The Climate

During the whole year the climate in general, is normally gentle and healthy with mild winters and hot summers in the coastal areas and plains. The weather in April is sweet and pleasant and few are the times when the sunlight is suddenly replaced by light rain. In October it rarely rains, the weather is still warm and mild and a dip in the sea is still a pleasant one. May and September are usually sunny, but not excessively warm. The summer however is quite hot and arid with June and July being the hottest months of the year and without rainfall. In the semi mountainous and mountainous regions of the prefectures the temperatures are lower, whereas in the southern coast and in the inland plains it is higher by a few degrees


Average Temperatures for Elounda, Greece

Average High-Low Temperature Graph for Elounda, Greece

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
14oC 15oC 16oC 19oC 23oC 26oC 28oC 28oC 26oC 22oC 19oC 16oC
8oC 8oC 9oC 11oC 14oC 18oC 21oC 21oC 19oC 16oC 13oC 10oC


Average Rainfall for Elounda, Greece

Average Rainfall Graph for Elounda Greece

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
137mm 94mm 79mm 36mm 17mm 6mm 2mm 2mm 18mm 71mm 78mm 122mm
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Weather in Elounda
16 °C
Mostly Clear

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