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Waterfront Bungalows and Yachting Bungalows

The Elounda Bay Palace Residences, Waterfront Bungalows and Yachting Bungalows

The already available lavish Residences, Waterfront & Yachting Bungalows at Elounda Bay Palace have been designed by our award-winning team of architects to reflect nothing short of perfection.
The sweeping open-floor plan gives a light and airy feel to the spacious living and sitting rooms, while the bathrooms come with hi-tech sports equipment. Heated outdoor and indoor pools, colourful Mediterranean gardens and a wealth of natural textures from the scenery, all add richness and warmth.
All of the Residences and Bungalows are bathed in sunset hues and overlook the spectacular gulf of Elounda, promising a memorable long stay along with the unforgettable experience of the Elounda Bay Palace services.

Royal Yachting Residences

The Elounda Bay Palace / Elounda Beach Royal Yachting Residences

Located on the water’s edge and within the premises of Elounda Bay Palace/Elounda Beach, the Royal Yachting Residences are a masterpiece of architecture and modernity. They are the best place to experience living on water.
Their open-plan layout includes spacious light-filled sitting and dining areas, sumptuous bathrooms of top quality materials, a private hi-tech gym, spa, bowling, home theater and infinity decks.
You are welcome to decorate your own Royal Yachting Residence along with our team of architects and make it feel like home while you enjoy all the lavish personalized services of Elounda Bay Palace/Elounda Beach.
This is truly a one-of-a-kind spot that combines privacy with the very best offered within the Elounda haven or as we would put it, the best place on earth to live.

Waterfront Apartments
Elounda Beach

The Elounda Bay Palace / Elounda Beach Waterfront Apartments / Residences

A limited number of Apartments and Residences magnificently positioned on waterfront property, just 900 meters from the Elounda Beach, with private jetty’s for yachts or speedboats.
Design and decorate the interior of your residence according to your needs and personal taste working side by side with our award-winning team of architects. Create your own secluded getaway at the most spectacular location on Crete. Introduce it to your friends and share memorable moments with them.
Enjoy the unique outdoor-indoor pools, a fully-equipped kitchen, the exceptional wine cellar with its distinguished labels, the tennis courts and helipad. Make use of the private residential entrance and access to the top-class Elounda Beach and Elounda Bay Palace facilities. Visit the award-winning international and ethnic cuisine restaurants and relish in all the exceptional hotel services offered to you.

Waterfront Private Land
Elounda Beach

The Elounda Beach Waterfront Private Land 11,000 sqm.

11,000 sqm of Cretan waterfront, with a glorious view of the Elounda gulf, conveniently located just 350 mtrs from Elounda Beach and Elounda Bay Palace. Eagerly awaiting you to design your own oasis on earth.
Design and decorate your luxurious retreat on this charming property to satisfy your every wish, being sure to include a private jetty for your yacht.
We recommend our team of experienced architects to plan your house according to your needs unless you prefer to assign your own architect to work with ours.
This property makes for an ideal location that is perfect for your family and friends to follow in your footsteps and create an entire neighbourhood of loved ones, all pampered by the exceptional services of the renowned Elounda Beach.

Exclusive Residential Development
Elounda Beach

The Elounda Beach Exclusive Residential Development 100,000 sqm.

An equally stunning location of 100,000 sqm presents you with yet another area of unrivaled beauty, located 750 meters from both Elounda Beach and Elounda Bay Palace, two of the most cosmopolitan destinations in Europe.
Design your personal retreat taking charge of the architectural plans with your architect or work with our award-winning team of architects and let the spectacular Cretan land play host to your most desirable moments in life.
This ideal setting for your private escape features a panoramic view of the Elounda gulf, and offers you lavish personalized services from Elounda Beach that only enhances a deep sense of freedom and belonging.
Show your senses a world of serenity and unparalleled magic that is going to be part of your life from now on.