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Thalaspa Chenot Elounda Beach

Elounda Bay Palace offers a comprehensive beauty and fitness centre, but for the ultimate in pampered indulgence, guests are invited to relish a unique spa experience at the adjacent Thalaspa Chenot Elounda Beach.

The new Thalaspa Chenot offers both holistic rejuvenation and relaxation in a setting of complete tranquillity. You'll relish the personal attention that is part of Chenot’s renowned body and face treatments.

The Chenot Method employs the latest scientific advances in relation to the functioning of the human body. It works along the lines of the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine, based on energy channels and balance, to establish a unity of body, mind and spirit. Our wide range of personalized beauty treatments assists in completing the process of harmonizing body, mind and spirit and encourages relaxation and regeneration.

Our highly trained therapists draw on their vast experience and a repertoire of signature Chenot massage techniques to suit the unique needs and desires of each individual guest.

Benefit from our Bio-light menu to further invigorate your energy and optimize your well-being. Full of innovative recipes, this salutary menu is a masterpiece of balanced eating with unforgettable flavors.

Welcome to the Thalaspa Chenot Elounda Beach, an oasis where the body meets the soul.

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