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Elounda Bay Palace
Elounda Bay Palace
Elounda Bay Palace
Elounda Bay Palace
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Medical Department

Regenerate and improve your body balance through comprehensive programmes based on medical treatments following specific check-up and assessment test carried out by our specialised staff.


Medical Consultation 45 min  € 100

A medical doctor will review your current health status and medical history, will discuss with you your needs and goals, and will prescribe you with all the necessary treatments that will detoxify your body and promote your health and well-being.


Bio-Energetic Check-Up 55 min  € 180

This involves a state-of-the-art high tech bio-energetic measurement of the vital functions of the organism through Resonance Analysis Technology. It allows obtain a true picture of how the body functions in relation to defined parameters of health. Once the problem areas in the body are identified, potential therapeutic options are designed.


Bio-Energetic Treatment 25 min  € 95

Sophisticated equipment is used to measure bioelectrical variations in the skin. These variations are localized in specific points which are stimulated to strengthen and restore the energy balance and revitalize the body.


Acupuncture 45 min  € 180

Individualized needle treatments are performed to treat various types of pain and conditions. It is also used in synergy with many of the Chenot Detox treatments.

For more information on the Medical Aesthetic Treatments, please see our separate menu and pricing options at the Spa Reception.



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