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Aesthetic Department

Detoxify, revitalize and rejuvenate yourself with a selection of personalised aesthetic body and face and treatments.

Rediscover the beauty that is within you through specific treatments that use the latest available non-invasive aesthetic technology devices in the world.


Aesthetic Biontology Body Treatments

Chenot Detox Treatment 55 min  € 150

In this fundamental first-step treatment, with the aid of specific techniques and highly detoxifying products, deep toxins are drained towards collection points in the excretory system. The combined action of manual techniques and a specific suction cup-device accelerate in a wave-like movement the body fluids, thereby facilitating the elimination of toxins and consequently stimulating cellular regeneration.

Benefits: Draining and detoxifying. Stimulating, rejuvenating and energizing.


Chenot Energetic Massage 55 min  € 150

This treatment aims to relieve and clear the energy flow in the meridians with the help of suction cups re-equilibrates the energetic circulation, lymphatic system, and improves blood circulation promoting extraordinary sense of well-being.

Benefits: Draining and detoxifying. Stimulating and regenerating.


Chenot Relaxing Massage 55 min  € 150 / 90 min  € 225

This unique body massage promotes physical and mental relaxation for a profound feeling of well-being according to the energetic concept that is founded in the Chenot Method. This helps relax muscles and frees the mind, helping to recuperate after extensive physical or mental effort.

Benefits: Deconstructing and anti-stress effect.


Chenot Connective Tissue Massage 55 min  € 150 / 90 min  € 225

A deep massage of muscular tissue designed to release deep, chronic tensions that are often due to muscle inflammation. This helps to relax muscles, unclog tissues and promote oxygenation.

Benefits: Improves body’s posture by restoring the length and alignment of the muscles and tissues.


Chenot Lymphatic Massage 55 min  € 150

Lymphatic drainage is a delicate, soft harmonious treatment that is performed in a rhythmic way. It is exceptionally relaxing, it improves the circulation of fluids in the body, it promotes the elimination of stagnant lymph tissues and strengthens the immune system.

Benefits: Feeling of lightness, reduced leg edema and water retention.


Chenot Foot and Hand Reflex Treatment 55 min  € 150

This energizing therapy allows your body to rebalance itself through deep massage and stimulation of acupuncture points of the hands and feet and also helps to reduce stiffness and maintain the flexibility of the foot and hand joints.

Benefits: Improves the blood circulation to the hands and feet and energizes the internal organs through the activation of meridians. Pain relief and anti-stress effect.


Chenot Indulgence Prenatal Massage 55 min  € 150

This relaxing massage is specially designed for pregnant women. It reduces muscular pain in the lower back, relaxes the legs and feet, and also improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

Benefits: Eases muscular discomforts in areas such as the lower back and neck, calf cramps, and also helps with tension and tightening of the body.


Chenot Scalp Treatment 55 min  € 150

This treatment involves manual stimulation of the scalp, through the use of a vibrating device and the application of essential oils, which are useful in improving blood and energetic circulation and promoting greater tissue oxygenation. The goal is to release the compression and tension in the cranial, neck and shoulder areas, that alleviates stress and pain.

Benefits: Excellent relaxing and soothing anti-stress treatment and cervical-facial stress. Helps those suffering from migraine and headaches.


Chenot Cellulite Treatment 55 min  € 150

This treatment involves drainage and a deep massage of the targeted areas with the aid of Cellutec; this allows a better absorption of the essential oils and algae that are used to accelerate the removal of the deposited cellulite.

Benefits: Increases blood circulation and improves the elimination of toxins and metabolic wastes that cause cellulite.


Chenot Abdominal Treatment 55 min  € 150

This treatment consists of a gentle but deep manual massage in the abdomen area that moves toxins out of the body and improves bowel function.  Combined with the electrical stimulation of energy points free the abdomen from swelling and helps to mobilize fat.

Benefits: Improves bowel function and the elimination of toxins and metabolic wastes.


Chenot Regenerating Treatment 55 min  € 150

The body is designed to release 70% of its toxins through breathing. Effectively breathing helps the body to release its toxins. Correspondingly, when the body is tense develops constraints, the muscles get tight and breathing becomes shallow. When the breathing is shallow, the person is not getting the amount of oxygen that it needs. This treatment is designed to optimize breathing by opening the diaphragm, and ultimately, it de-contracts and relieves the tensions.

Benefits: promotes deeper and easier breathing.


Chenot Breast Treatment 55 min  € 150

This is a treatment that takes care of the skin of the breasts that needs toning, firming, hydration and anti-aging protection. It also drains the area from toxins and, combined with electrical stimulation of energy points, it strengthens the pectoral muscles.

Benefits: better alignment, posture, relaxation, and upper back pain issues. Makes skin soft, supple and resilient.


Aesthetic Biontology Face Treatments

Chenot Purifying Detox Facial Treatment 55 min  € 150

This is a detoxifying and exfoliating treatment that promotes cell renewal and restructure in the epidermis. This deep-cleansing treatment removes impurities and helps to energize dull skin by removing metabolic waste that has accumulated over time in the tissues. The skin becomes healthy and radiant.

Benefits: Purified, invigorated, smooth and fresh skin.


Chenot Illuminating and Nourishing Treatment 55 min  € 150

This treatment is aimed to provide the skin with nourishment and hydration with the use of specialized products that balance the tissue with the vitamins and minerals that it needs. The energetic massage stimulates the connective tissue and improves the flow of energy to bring vitality and radiance to the skin.

Benefits: Zero imperfections, a relaxed face with a moisturized complexion.


Chenot Anti-Aging Regenerating Treatment 55 min  € 150

This treatment consists of special massage techniques combined with electrical stimulation that work in synergy at the cellular level in order to stimulate the skin’s natural defence and to neutralise free radicals. It improves skin elasticity and firmness and prevents sagging. This treatment is excellent for mature and dehydrated skin.

Benefits: Fresher, fuller, toned and firmer skin.


Chenot Facial Drainage Massage 55 min  € 150

This treatment is designed to help promote a radiant complexion, softer facial contours, and tone the skin. By activating the lymphatic system, the drainage massage has a decongestant effect, leaving eyelids less swollen and the entire face more luminous.

Benefits: Reduces puffiness and decreases bruising and recovery time following surgery.


Chenot Neck, Arm and Décolleté Treatment 55 min  € 150

This treatment restores tone and firmness to the tissues of the neck, décolleté and arms due to the action of a specially formulated blend of pure and natural essential oils that is combined with the Chenot drainage technique and electrical stimulation. Vibration with a device helps to tone up the tissues.

Benefits: Improved tone and hydration in the treated areas.


Chenot Face and Head Massage 55 min  € 150

This treatment stimulates the energy points and zones of the head in a very effective method in order to alleviate tension and relax the scalp and facial areas, to remove the lymph from the head, to smooth wrinkles and to restore the skin’s elasticity.

Benefits: Improves blood circulation to reduce wrinkles and restore tone in the face.


Chenot Eye Treatment 25 min  € 95

This exclusive treatment for the eye area uses a combination of active ingredients that are rich in minerals and vitamins. The treatment consists of the application of decongestants and corrective actions that ensure optimal hydration and multi-active protection of this delicate and sensitive skin. The result alleviates signs of fatigue, swelling, and bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Benefits: Leaves a relaxed and radiant eye area with greatly reduced fine lines.


Advanced Technology Aesthetic Treatments

Rediscover the beauty that is within you, through a selection of specific treatments by using the latest available non-invasive aesthetic technological devices in the world.


Sonophoresis / Sonoderm 25 min  € 150  / package 5 sessions  € 650

Lipolytic action: A treatment using waves of low frequency active cellular metabolism.

Benefits: Stimulates and acts on fibro-blasts, reducing cellulite and dissolving the layer of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, hips and buttocks.


Electroporation / Meso Aesthetic 25 min  € 150 / package 5 sessions  € 650

Anti-fat, anti-ageing. Mesotherapy without needles allows the penetration of low molecular weight substances through the skin in a non-invasive, quick and painless way.

Benefits: For the body: Depending on the protocol chosen: Treatment of cellulite, localised adiposity, treatment effect tensor.

For the face: Anti-ageing, firming, and smoothing.


Tripolar Radio Frequency 25 min  € 150 (Maximum twice per week)

Firming action: A new method to treat sagging skin, cellulite, localised adiposity and stretch marks. It is non-invasive, painless, fast and efficient.

Face Contouring: € 150
Abdomen: € 150
Arms: € 150
Legs: € 150
Cellulite reduction: € 150

Benefits: Reduces the volume of fat cells, stimulates collagen and fibroblasts. The treatment is repeated 2-3 times per area with a time frame of at least 24 hours between each other.


Muscle Toning 45 min € 150 / package 5 sessions  € 650

Electrical impulses through muscles are used to cause muscle contractions in rapid succession with immediate results.

Benefits: Targeted toning only in the parts of the body, which require it. Muscle strengthening and remodeling. Lymphatic and venous drainage, treatment of edema, cellulite and swelling and prevention of localized flaws due to circulatory problems.


Traditional Aesthetic Treatments

Chenot Body Scrub Peeling 55 min  € 150

Smooth’s and energizes the skin. An experience that will leave your body refreshed and cleansed with your skin smooth and revitalised.

Carefully blended brown sugar and essential oils have been combined to help remove dead skin cells and improve tonicity.

Benefits: Levitated, bright, elastic and silky soft skin.


Chenot Manicure 55 min  € 85

A hand and nail treatment that includes a skin refiner exfoliation and a therapeutic massage. The hands and nails are dipped into warm paraffin wax and wrapped in mitts to condition and nourish.


French-Manicure 75 min  € 115

Chenot Pedicure 55 min  € 95

A foot and nail treatment that includes a softening exfoliation and healing massage. The foot is enveloped in warm paraffin wax to deeply nourish and condition, leaving the feet soft and smooth.


French Pedicure 75min  € 125

Nails Re-paint 15 min  € 40


Body Depilatory Treatments

Total leg 50 min  € 95
Half leg 40 min  € 65
Bikini line 20 min  € 50
Under arm wax 10 min  € 30
Lip 10 min  € 25
Chin 10 min  € 25

Our advice: Do not attend a steam bath or sauna before the hair removal procedure.


Shaping and Tinting

Eyebrow shape 15 min  € 40
Eye lash tint 20 min  € 40
Eye brow tint 15 min  € 40



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